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Quarantine tips and advices
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Tips and Advices
July 1, 2020

Here are some advices to apply during quarantine times:

1.- These are challenging times! I agree.. still please remember: “The situation may be overwhelming but coping with stress will make you, the people you care about and the community stronger” 

2.- Stay busy! that have helped me a lot! rearrange your schedule and set times for work and family! 

3.- Be nicer and friendlier with those who are stressed out! think twice before getting into an argument, we are all very tired and stressed. Be the bigger person and breathe..

4.- These are very stressful times! Take a break from the news! Information overload can be upsetting! Make an effort to switch off your screens one in a while. Close your eyes and meditate or listen to your favorite music!

5.- During this quarantine times please remember to connect with others! talk to your family and friends you trust about your feelings! Make a video call and talk about your concerns! Since this may help a lot!

6. Take care of your body. Meditate, eat well balanced meals, take dee breaths. 

Aside for staying home, stay healthy!

Remeber, most importantanly stay home and stay safe!

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